Tongue and Groove Supplier For Your Next Building Project

Premier Lumber Supplier

J.L. Bryant Lumber, LLC. is Tennessee’s premier lumber supplier and lumber surfacing specialist. Based in Byrdstown, Tennessee, J.L. Bryant supplies locally-sourced lumber and other wood products throughout the Southeast. Specializing in business outfitting, J.L. Bryant Lumber provides flooring and paneling in several variations including nickel gap, shiplap, and v-match, and molding needs.

Tongue and Groove Boards

Tongue and groove is a wood panel product that is used in many different applications, including residential and commercial construction. The panels are easy to install, making them a popular choice for DIY projects. Tongue and groove panels come in many different sizes, thicknesses and styles so you can create the look you want. We specialize in shiplap, nickel gap and v-match depending on what style you are needing.

Custom Wood Surfacing

J.L. Bryant Lumber works closely with customers to provide pre-surfaced wood products that meet their project needs. S2S, S3S, and S4S finished lumber options are available. Quality wood products are offered in a variety of wood types, including Poplar, Soft Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, and Hickory.

Where Our Lumber Is Used

Construction & Home Builders


Law Offices

Medical Offices


Private Residences

Wood Types Offered

Most products are offered in the following woods depending on seasonal availability:

  • Soft Maple
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Cherry
  • Ash